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"Quietus" Cover Description:
Eight centuries past, the mighty High Kingdom of Faiden was overthrown in one brutal stroke, and all of its subjugate kingdoms and territories fell into the grasp of a dark lord of sorcerers. For eight hundred years, his bloody and oppressive rule went unchallenged. However, deep in the heart of Faiden's wildernesses, the seeds of rebellion thrive.

Kenneth, a freak fae left on the doorstep of a human general, is torn between his dreams of peaceful neutrality and his foster father's aspirations for freedom and revolution.

Ferremor, a half-demon half-shadow master abandoned at a human orphanage, struggles to find his place in an unforgiving world of prejudice and cruelty.

Vera, a young princess whose family and life were destroyed by her own blood kin, must overcome the darkness of her past and awaken her destiny to cast out the sinister overlord and sorcerers ruling her kingdom.

"The Fallen Shadow" (10.10.10) Teaser from "Quietus":
The human rebellion against the sorcerer overlord ended in tragedy and flames, but General Kenneth Greywolf's trails have only begun. The dark lord he'd devoted his life to destroying has taken an inexplicable and sinister interest in his powers and origin. Fearful that the dark lord will find a way to exploit him to the detriment of Faiden, Kenneth prays for a way to end his life and remove the threat that he now represents.

As time passes, however, Kenneth comes to realize that his one-true opportunity to bring about the demise of the sorcerer lord may have just presented itself. Not understanding the odd but powerful link between himself and the dark lord, Kenneth intends to find a way to use it to his advantage. Perhaps exploring the powers he could never before control and uncovering the past he had never bothered to question will reveal a weakness the overlord seems desperate to keep hidden.

Did the swift devastation of Kenneth's army and his captivity pave the way to discovering an unexpected weapon that would bring down Faiden's dark ruler once and for all?

Having heard her kingdom's plea for help and freedom, Princess Vera becomes desperate to answer its call and earn her birthright as High Queen of Faiden. What she never expected though, was the price of responsibility. Master Wizard Wizkand Safreous had kept many secrets from her, only to reveal them on the eve of her journey north to visit the Oracle.

Faced with a loneliness and sorrow she had never before known, how could she hope to find the shards of the shattered Crystal of Life that would resurrect Faiden's long-dead protections? Why did the Oracle insist that only alone could the young princess defeat the sorcerer lord, and how could Vera face her own dear brother?

Even more disturbing than anything else, what had the Oracle meant when she'd warned Vera that she would lose to the dark lord?

"Cerulean Song" (10.10.11): Description/teaser pending.

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