Here there be "Spoilers"


Ferremor: Ferremortis Thanatos is the name and title of the ruler of the Sixth Realm, also known as the "Shadow Realm" and the "Pseudo-Hell". The Ferremor appearing in most of the Midian books (Starting with "Quietus"), was abandoned at an orphanage while a new-born and raised there until it burned down when he was 18. On his nineteenth birthday exactly, he ascended to the throne of Emperor of the Sixth Realm when Jessica Oaklanda slayed his father. He vowed to repair the neglected realm and restore the name of Thanatos after discovering the evil that his father had wrought.

Jessica Oaklanda:

Kayron Gleoson Aeroth: (see Kenneth Greywolf)

Kenneth Greywolf: Kenneth has one of the most complex histories of any of the characters of Midia. It would require several pages of explanation to even outline his past, so to summarize what was revealed in "Quietus": He is a fire elemental fae who was left of the doorstep of human general, Greygor Greywolf. When Greygor was slain by High Commander Sorcerer Lord Jellen, Kenneth assumed command of the human army and led a revolt against the Dark Lord of Faiden which resulted in the complete annihilation of his forces. He then fell into the hands of the Dark Lord. Further information will be added after the publication of "The Fallen Shadow" in 10.10.10.

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