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Fallen Shadow

Book II

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It has come to it at last.

I have so many writing projects happening right now that my number of book blogs exceeded my ability to keep them updated. It has become necessary for me to condense my blogs down to a more concise and helpful group. This is a good thing for all of you as well as for me. There will be ONE PAGE for the Midian Saga where you can go to get your news on any of the books in progress.

All past updates from this blog will be moved over and future updates will be made at the Fallen Shadow Page.

Thank you all for following my progress here. I urge you to visit the Midian Saga Page, the Fallen Shadow Page, or my Main Blog for further updates.


Giving Up October


It is important for me to start this message out with a very firm declaration that I in no way feel that I did not succeed with Quietus or The Fallen Shadow. I think I did very well, and I am very happy with the amazing progress I made. I wrote Quietus in just six months, produced a beautiful cover myself, and self-published in a very competitive and difficult market to break into. I finished the first draft of The Fallen Shadow in four months during a time of great tribulation and distraction in my life. This announcement is not because I feel that I have failed in some way. On the contrary, I am very proud of the work I have done, and I know that, should I have continue on the path I'm on, I would have succeeded.

The changes in my production plans are because I feel I could do so much better. I am putting aside my pride and need for instant gratification to do this right. There is no shame in self-publication, and I do believe being brave enough to venture into that field is remarkable. However, I want to reach many more people than I can with my one-man-army. As I'd said in a previous post, I'm seeking representation and traditional publication. The change from my last update is what I'm announcing today.

I am ceasing work on The Fallen Shadow for the time being. Instead, I am revisiting Quietus. I intent to add as much as a hundred pages of content to the novel and build the setting better. Quietus was a fantastic learning experience for me, and all of the feedback I got was very positive but chocked full of constructive advice. I intend to take my time and apply that advice to the part of the story that are lacking. This new novel will be given a title more appropriate to the content of the book and the continuation of the series, and will be the new first book of the Midian Saga.

What does this mean for all of my loyal followers and avid fans? I'm sorry to say, guys, that I will be depriving you of your well-deserved 10.10.10 publication of The Fallen Shadow. I will be marketing the entire series to publishers, and offering them first-publication rights. This means I can't selfishly push The Fallen Shadow through just to see it in print. Giving up this goal was a very hard decision for me, and still haunts me, but there is a grander picture here to consider.

I hope everyone understands and supports this choice, as it means you will all be able to purchase Midian Saga books for less and easier. Plus it means I will be able to dedicate more time to writing and less energy on formatting, marketing, and selling. I have the ambitious goal of writing two books a year. One for Midia, and one in another series or a stand alone. I know that with advances, representation, and a publisher, I can do this. I want to be more. I want to have more time to devote to my craft, and this is my tool to get there.

As always, thank you everyone for you support, kind words, and devotion to the Midian Saga. I wouldn't be where I am if it were not for all of you. Next time you see my name in print, it will be on a bookstore shelf. :)

~Love, Kimber Grey

The Big Announcement


Anyone who is near to me or has heard me speak on length about my books, already knows how dear the Midian Saga is to my heart. Though I have many stand-alone books and series in the works, Midia is special and unique from them. In fact, I am so devoted to this series, that I promised myself I would never let anyone else touch them. I wanted them to be MINE, forever and completely. I was determined to be the writer, cover artist, publisher, and distributor. I even had a business plan for opening a distribution company for the series after the opening trilogy, "Faiden Reborn", was published as a box set. I was going to seek traditional publication for all of my other books and series, but this one, THIS ONE, was going to be completely mine.

This week, something changed.

I started doing daily affirmations in the morning, trying to channel my mind toward understanding and reaching my goals. A few days after beginning this 15 minute exercise, I had a strange dream. I have been told by many that my dreams are odd, since I never dream I'm myself and often dream I am an entirely different sex, race, or even just an omniscient watcher. Most of my dreams involve convoluted, epic adventures with dozens of characters. Sometimes they take place on earth, but most often take place in mystical or even sci-fi settings. Why am I saying this? Because on the exceptionally rare occasion when I dream I'm MYSELF in MY life, I try to listen. I have always felt that these were messages from my subconscious brain to pay attention to whatever it was trying to illustrate. I few days after starting my morning affirmations, I dreamt that I was myself. I was sitting in my small study (I don't own a study in real life), writing one of the books from the Midian Saga, and deliberating in my head my plans for the series from a publication standpoint. My husband came in as if I had sent for him and I looked up and told him the decision I'd come to after many hours of debate: "I have decided to seek traditional publication for the Midian Saga."

That's it. That was the dream. But since I was me, doing what I love to do in a room I plan to someday own... it caught my attention. I spent the rest of the week thinking about what it meant, though the message seemed clear enough. So I genuinely considered seeking representation for the Midian Saga for the first time since I began writing "Quietus" in early '09. What would it mean for the series? What would I have to give up if I did? What were the pros and cons? I literally wracked myself for days, trying to find the answer that my subconscious brain already had. The question: What does traditional publication have to offer that is so virtuous that I would give up my vice-like grip on Midia?

Finally, the answer came immediately after a morning affirmation. Like a flash of light, I suddenly saw what had been vexing me about my plan from day one.

I had always imagined that I would publish dozens of books with various publishers over the years, and the steadily growing Midian Saga would lend me credibility as well as gain credibility from my other works. I knew that no matter what happened, what turn my life and career took, I would continue to publish one book in the Midian Saga a year until 2030. It was a brilliant and sentimental plan, one that I was quite set on until my moment of clarity. I was looking at the books like a business woman who wanted her way or the highway, not as an artist.

What I've always wanted for the Midian Saga was what I had growing up. I wanted it to touch people, to shape their lives like the books I read in high school shaped mine. I wanted people to laugh and cry as I did when I wrote them, and confess that the Midian Saga was an unforgettable part of their lives. I wanted what I had gotten from so many great fiction authors in my adolescence. I wanted them to touch people... as many as possible. But if I kept my brilliant plan, the Midian Saga would become the good but illusive books of a successful artist that were very difficult to attain. They would become the 'other' books of Kimber Grey. I never wanted that. I didn't want these books to be hard to find. I wanted them on bookshelves, in bookstores, and translated into a dozen other languages. I wanted them to be worn from reading on a library shelf, a gem found in the bottom of a clearance box a second-hand store.

I decided it was worth giving up complete editorial control. It was worth surrendering the cover art and 'final cut'. It was worth sacrificing my pride and stubbornness... just to give Midia the chance it deserved.

So, my big decision: Starting this week I am seeking representation for myself and my beloved saga. I am ready to face the trails of seeking traditional publication. And until Midia is picked up by a publisher who will give it to the masses, I will continue to self-publish one book a year without fail.

To many of you, this will seem like a simple and reasonable choice, but to those of you who know my heart, you know what a difficult choice this has been for me. I am literally handing my baby over to a stranger and hoping they don't hurt it.

~Kimber Grey

Draft#1 Progression Update


As I work on a first draft, I update with every completed chapter in FaceBook as well as on Twitter a quote from that chapter. This is both to let my readers see my progress as well as to reward followers of these two social media groups. This keeps me accountable to my goals and helps generate interest in the current project (in my humble opinion).

I decided with “The Fallen Shadow”, that it would be fun and interesting to publish a list of these posts here in the official blog for everyone to see. I edited a few of the quotes for grammar and spelling (or to conceal obvious spoilers), and went through hundreds of updates to find these, so I hope you guys appreciate it. :) Please remember these are draft #1 quotes and are entirely subject to change with following drafts.

So, without further ado:

The Fallen Shadow Draft#1 Progression Updates

Splash~The Oracle, a being of unimaginable accuracy who’s cryptic prophecies were said to never fail.
Prologue~“I greatly dislike this exile, so far from home.”
1~“I will not sit idly by and let my people whither...”
2~“Look after the Purple Rose for me, Ma. I don’t know when I’ll be back.”
3~WOW, what a LONG chapter! Kenneth and the Dark Lord finaly meet. =-)
4~Wow was it short. Lacey gets a rich gift and learns some shocking secrets.
5~Vera says goodbye to her woodland sanctuary. O_O
6~Lacey wants answers.
7~The Dark Lord covers Kenneth’s tracks.
8~Vera makes the first of many sacrifices.
9~Sayron ties up loose ends. Wow is he evil!
10~Vera gets high.
11~The dark lord's bedside manor is terrible. . . Oddly enough.
12~Lacey asks a horse for directions.
13~One-eye refuses to get involved, in spite of the disturbing dreams of his mother.
14~Safreous knows where this road leads. . .
15~David is torn between loyalties.
16~The dark lord tries to break Kenneth & speaks of the snake in the shadow of his throne.
17~Lacey's dreams continue to surprise her.
18~The dark lord takes out the trash.
19~Safreous keeps the company of many terrible secrets.
20~Lacey and One-eye learn about their tragic past.
21~David endangers his loyalty and gets a promotion instead.
22~New character! Attia reluctantly wakes from her slumber.
23~Kenneth & Sayron fight like cats & dogs, & Kenneth has a terrible vision.
24~Vera knows what she must do.
25~Longest yet. Marrelyn causes trouble and finds trouble.
26~Lacey gets to One-eye.
27~Marrelyn has her hands full and proves herself. Enter Aster.
28~Lacey takes the lead. . . much to One-eye's dismay.
29~Time to wake the sleeping king.
30~Wow! Vera decides Sayron would've been a good king & learns about lost kin Kayron.
31~Faiden convinces Attia to help.
32~Kenneth reveals his origins in a vision... & gives the dark lord bad news.
33~Marrelyn appreciates nobility and honorable sacrifice.
34~Lacey tries something.
35~Sayron is undergoing some unwanted changes.
36~The sleeping king is revealed, but can they wake him?
37~Vesakan tries to get to Sayron.
38~Attia chooses not to take sides in the siblings quarrelling.
39~Aster takes a terrible risk.
40~Vera learns the horrible truth.
41~Flash isn’t quite what one would expect.
42~Vera gets bad news after bad news. Gloomy days for Kimber. This one was HARD.
43~Sayron and Kenneth have an enlightening conversation.
44~Aster and Flash reveal what it will take to heal the crystal.
45~Finally a SHORT chapter! David is lost.
46~Kenneth strikes a deal with the devil. . . so to speak. LOVED this chapter!
47~. . . . I cried. . . .
48~Aster takes all of the risks and Marrelyn makes all the decisions.
49~"Sayron screaming & groveling at my feet would improve my disposition considerably."
50~. . . . I cried again.
51~Kenneth is slipping.
52~Aster continues to be reckless.
53~"Our family. Tell me about them."
54~"Tomorrow. . . Sleep and recover, my prince."
55~"I believe the queen's soul has made a great impression upon you."
56~"He's a bit of a hermit and may need some convincing to leave his home."
57~"Don't you DARE let him down."
58~"That is not what you wish. . . You wish it to be over."
59~"If I wasn't king, he would have eaten me into the poor house."
60~"I do not want you. I want you to forget."
61~"Goodnight," . . . "Sleep. . . sleep sweet."
62~"It is a pleasure to meet you, fellow guardian of the Cerulean Crystal, Quicksilver."
63~"A dream," . . . " Probably of lives past."
64~"Not yet," she sobbed. "I'm not ready yet."
65~"Not ready. . . Do not delve. . ."
66~"If I open my heart again, would I survive another strike?"
67~"Perhaps if you sing me a lively tune. . ."
68~"So many dreams achieved at such a young age. What was left?"
69~"What did you want to tell me, brave guardian?"
70~"For you, my fair goddess, I would breathe fire."
71~"The way we've been ridin', I'm gonna pitch from the saddle tomorrow if I don't catch a few winks!"
72~"Why? Why must everything go so wrong?"
73~"Yup, you're struck. Foolish brat."
74~"Damn your memory."
75~"Someone! Anyone!". . . "Help! Oh, please, help me!"
76~"You ask for honesty, Highness, and I give it."
77~"No help for it.". . . "I hope you know what you're doing."
78~". . . A terrible fate that even the darkest soul would balk from!"
79~"Ask when you have decided what you most need to know."
80~"I do not require an introduction. You may wait in the garden."
81~"Yay! We get ta be royalty for a day!"
82~"There is no hope for it, Highness. We must endure with dignity."
83~"Find someone who loves Faiden enough to die for it. I've given enough."
84~"The sun will shine again. Don't despair."
85~"Darlin, you're cute, but as much as I wanna jump your ship, we got important business."
86~"I bet you have some great stories. I love stories. Can you tell me one?"
87~"It's a good sign that they didn't take us to the dungeon."
88~"Were I not what I am. . . would we be friends?"
89~"Are you whom I seek? Are you the heir?"
90~"Oh, thank you Bethany! Ya finally made a fighter outta him!"
91~"Enough to pity you far more than you do me."
92~"The moment we carried your broken body into our sanctuary, this became your home."
93~"Then we look around and decide in which direction our paths lead."
94~"You should be resting,". . ."not walking around on your sprained ankle."
95~"The hope..." "It's... It's too much when it's torn away."
96~"Brigands could dwell there." "Yeah. . . and bad memories."
97~'They didn't speak of it, but the fear was there, in the air at all times.'
98~"To all who come after, my gypsy soul only knew peace in his arms."
99~"It has been calling to you for some time now. After eight centuries of silence and darkness."
100~"THAT is my answer, brother. THAT will earn her forgiveness."
101~"Hm. So you do not know why we are going either, huh?"
102~"I can't explain it, but I think we should use it."
103~"You forgive us for condemning you to your fate?"
104~"More so, I fear the defeat of your brave smile."
105~"had your hope faltered, your courage never did."
106~"Is she always like this?" . . . "Yes. ... Always."
107~"Had you summoned me again as you did the two times before, I was going to kill you."
108~"Was the crystal doing its job, or are you still watching over me, my dear guardian?"
109~"I have never cared for your self-important, cryptic messages, meddling mortal."
110~"All I see will come to pass... Even that which I wish to change."
111~"We are about to declare war against the Overlord of Faiden, the eight of us. . ."
112~"Answer you must. . . You will. . . with your own blood."
113~"Remember that before you do something you will not live long enough to regret."
114~"We will die together. . . At... at least he will not be alone."
115~"Is there no chance, no hope that you would ever come to love me?"
116~"How can I be so strong as to hold up a kingdom when I am lost and broken without your wisdom?"
117~"I had not the courage to dream again. . . until now."
118~"Then he is a fool." - "Perhaps... but an admirable one."
119~"My heart aches from what you go to face, Your Highness."
120~"You were supposed to break her, not toy with her!" - "And why can't I do both?"
121~"I don't think I'm done adventuring just yet!"
122~"Will it hurt? Will... will he make it quick?"
123~"Ah, then it's true." ... "You are his mirror."
124~"You're not going to believe what has transpired on Midia during your month of absence."
125~"This is nothing! Breathe, damn it!"
126~"Will you hear reason, or must I trick you?"
127~"I am tired of fighting, of being everything I despise."
128~"It makes me sick! The weakness in our blood!"
Epilogue~"but could I ever call it 'home' again?"

Draft#1 of "The Fallen Shadow" is DONE!!!


The first draft of "The Fallen Shadow" is officially done! It ended up being 128 chapters with a prologue and an epilogue. No, don't ask me how many pages it is. I honestly didn't count, but I'm estimating that it will be close to 400 pages typeset. The first draft is always hand-written (often on whatever paper I have handy) with as awesome of a pen as I can find. My writing pens are important, and I when through six brands this time before I found the one I liked: EnerGel 7.0 by Pentel. I bought the store out of them. I killed a large number of pens in the creation of this draft, and I believe I will hold onto them. Someday, someone might be interested in (dramatic drum roll) "the pen that wrote The Fallen Shadow". Plus (confession), I'm a bit of a pack rat.

The next step in the process is rendering the written text to typeset. Essentially, the entire draft goes through a re-write, so this is the second-longest draft for me to do. However, I'm gonna have to set some world-records to get "The Fallen Shadow" to press on time. I expect to be dedicating weekends and large chunks of the time I'm not sleeping to this project. In order to satisfy both my obligations to the Midian Saga and to Paradice Inc., I have to make some hard decisions regarding my other 'projects' currently in the works for GrayWhisper Graphics Productions. This means less time to promote "Quietus", less time to work on art and costuming for "Kimber's Creations", and less time to dedicate to commissions. As usual, I'm still not sure how to fit it all in… but it always seems to work out anyway.

On an interesting note, I can't seem to get the prominent scenes from "Cerulean Song" (the third book) out of my head. Though I will not allow myself 'computer' time to work on it, while at work, ALL I have is a pen and pad. :D Ergo, I may be working on the third book during the slow hours waitressing. Those of you following me on FaceBook can expect to start seeing updates crop up for completed chapters of draft 1 of "Cerulean Song". Wouldn't it be wonderful if Draft 1 of the third book was done before the end of the year? It would mean less scampering to complete it before deadline and it would allow more time to work on other writing projects like "Prince" (modern fiction), "Drake" (epic fantasy fiction), or one of a dozen other projects not related to Midia that I would seek traditional publication for.

For a brief period of time, I have to immerse myself in playing 'catch up' for Paradice Inc. and a few other grossly neglected responsibilities. Because of this, the second draft of "The Fallen Shadow" will not go into full swing for a week or two and the 'goodies' I promised in the last blog post will be momentarily postponed until after the most urgent assignment for Paradice Inc. is turned in.

To Everyone: "The Fallen Shadow" likely would never have come to pass if not for the love and encouragement of my friends and family, and from the avid attention and support of my fans. I appreciate every comment, every acknowledgment, and every moment of the time you all give to help me live my dreams. I am blessed every single day.

Thank you all, from the deepest depths of my heart and soul.

Revising My Goals


Here’s a big announcement: Life happens!

So... my previous goal sets have been completely overridden by a month of no progress on "The Fallen Shadow" and a failure to meet my three chapters a day goal since resuming work. I won’t exhaust your patience with the long list of excuses for my lag in production, simply know that there is a list… and it IS long.

New goals (since goals are important): If I do as I did with “Quietus”, giving my copy-editors only one month to review the manuscript and cutting myself VERY close on the final proof, then I will have approximately 2.5 to 3 months to complete the next four drafts. There are 129 planned chapters, which I will round up to 130 to include prologue & epilogue as another chapter. That means six chapters a day, or 42 chapters a week to meet my October deadline. This new regiment is far more ambitious than my previous estimation, and very discouraging to me. I have a home business to run and personal obligations that have been grossly neglected.

I can promise you all this: Nothing, save my marriage, is paramount to me completing “The Fallen Shadow” in time AND ensuring that it is a quality product that I am proud to offer my loyal readers. I am not entirely certain what opportunities will present themselves and enable me to complete my quest to reach my promised 10.10.10. publication deadline. I do know, however, that when October rolls around, I will find a way to make my dream of “The Fallen Shadow” into a reality.

As always, everyone’s deep-hearted and enthusiastic support are greatly appreciated and never far from my thoughts. It is as much for you as for myself that I work so diligently toward the timely completion of “The Fallen Shadow”.

Neat stuff to look forward to:

1) As a reward to all of my followers on Facebook and Twitter, every time I complete a chapter in real time, I post a summary or a quote from that chapter. When I finish the first draft of “The Fallen Shadow”, I will publish the ENTIRE list of chapter quotes here in this blog as a thank you to my followers.

2) In a very short period of time, I will begin work on the cover of “The Fallen Shadow”. After going through several draft ‘sketches’ and brainstorming sessions, I have decided upon a cover layout. Our beloved Darklord in all of his glory will be its sole subject. As before, I will post ‘updates’ on the Work In Progress in “The Fallen Shadow’s” blog.

3) I will start offering contests (starting with a book ‘video trailer’ contest for “Quietus”) for anyone to enter in where you can acquire advanced SIGNED copies of “The Fallen Shadow” along with other GrayWhisper Graphics Productions merchandise.

4) I will very soon begin adding sketches and paintings of characters events from the “Midian Saga” to its blog. I’ll begin with sketches from my high school days, so don’t expect MASTERPIECES to start showing up for some time. But be sure to check back there every once in a while for updates… or just follow me on Facebook for announcements of these additions.

Raising the Bar


As my end-of-March goal for completing “The Fallen Shadow’s” first draft draws ever closer, I find myself both encouraged and discouraged by my current progress. I have FAR exceeded my chapter-a-day quota, completing 80 chapters and a prologue since January 27. That is approximately 1.6875 chapters a day (well, not so ‘approximate’). I estimate that I will complete the first draft a week and a half ahead of schedule, on or around March 19. The most discouraging aspect of my recent analysis is the apparent necessity to reconsider my goals for the following drafts. Why? “The Fallen Shadow” is significantly longer than “Quietus”, nearly half-again longer. Though this was expected, given the increase in the number of characters and the complex timeline, I hadn’t considered how this would affect the amount of time it adds to EVERY draft.

I find myself feeling anxious about my beautiful but large manuscript and the daunting October publication goal. I very much want to give my volunteer copyeditors (draft 6) one and a half to two months with the manuscript and myself two weeks to implement corrections before finalizing the draft and ordering my first proof. What does that mean in timing? Working backwards, my final proof has to be ordered no later than Friday, October 1st to be submitted for publication in time to meat my 10.10.10 deadline. The first proof needs to be ordered no later than Friday, September 24th. Provided I don’t allow myself time for three proofs, that means my copy-edited drafts need to be in by Friday, September 10th. The least time I will give my editors is a month and a half, having me send them out on Monday, August 2nd.

So, I have until the end of July to complete five drafts, the final of which will be a collaboration with my husband on content and will require more time than the previous drafts. I can only comfortably give myself four weeks each for drafts two, three, and four, 28 days. If I round up to 100 chapters (which I will be approaching), I end up with a quota of three chapters a day to meet the deadlines. THREE CHAPTERS A DAY.

Three chapters a day is a very daunting guideline to adhere to, but I would rather aim high and miss my goal but make my deadline, then succumb to the contrary option of aiming low and making it but missing the publication date. So, for my fans who eagerly await updates on my progress, your continued support is both needed and greatly appreciated. Last year’s accomplishment in “Quietus” now feels like a warm-up for “The Fallen Shadow”.

A Work in Progress


Finally, I've managed to begin the arduous labor of the first draft of The Fallen Shadow (TFS). I have knocked out the vague timeline, initial concepts, and prologue, chapter 1, and chapter 2 in the past week. I've organized my notes and I'm at a place now where I can sit down and write a chapter wherever and whenever as long as I have my Big Red Briefcase with me. :) I also have a good location in which to escape to do just that. The grocery store near me has a sit-down delicatessen with an impressive array of coffee and soda machines. :) And it's 24 hours (though the coffee-coffee stops getting brewed at like, six pm).

My home-away-from-home (my sister's house), that was the location of more than half the work done on "Quietus" has become too comfortable for me to work at. I need to upset my habits to work without distraction, and this new coffee delicatessen could not have come at a better time.

For those of you anxious to know more about TFS and what happens to the characters from "Quietus", I will give you some glimmers of information in this blog. Just know, that if the word "TEASER ALERT" are entered in the top of the post, you may learn more than you want to learn before reading the book. But today's goodie doesn't reveal anything about the last book.

TWO new characters will be introduced early in TFS, one of them in the prologue. I'll give more information about these characters on the Midian Saga's main blog when I update the Character Page.

About the Saga


"The Fallen Shadow" is the second book in the Midian Saga, following immediately after "Quietus". I have gotten quite a few inquiries about the saga, including how many books will eventually be published and where in the timeline the first books falls. In response to these, all I can say is this: there is no limit to the number of books that could evolve from this diverse series. There are three continents, seven major kingdoms, and seven realms. All of these have their own set of unique and complex story lines and characters. The point at which I chose to start telling the story of Midia was the revolt against the Dark Overlord who ruled the High Kingdom of Faiden for eight hundred years, but I could have begun the tale before or after. So, in short, there is no limit. I have approximately twenty books that I definitely want to develop, but as each new character is introduced, the potential for expanding the series grows.

What is guaranteed? The opening trilogy of the Midian Saga is entitled "Faiden Reborn", and the three books in this trilogy are "Quietus" (published 10.10.09), "The Fallen Shadow"(publishing 10.10.10), and "Cerulean Song"(publishing 10.10.11). These three titles I have promised to myself as well as to many others. With the conclusion of the trilogy, I haven't decided which continent to continue the saga from and which characters to tell the stories of, but I do know that Midia deserves so much more than one mere trilogy.

I am very excited with the future I see in this wonderful series of books, and I urge all of you to follow along with me as I open the door to Midia.