Here there be "Spoilers"

One Page

Many of you have been following my progress for over a year, since I started my journey to write Midia with the first book Quietus. I began creating a book blog for every novel thereafter, which was well and good at the time but since has made it difficult for people to follow my current progress with anything. It has also made it difficult to for me to keep the proper blog(s) informed of news and events.

Thus, the One Blog, was born. I have decided to condense all of the blogs associated with the Midian Saga down to this location. No longer will I ask my fans to jump back and fourth between locations, all news, updates, and teasers will be posted here.

I am doing the same with my other writing projects. For personal updates and links to my other writing projects, you can always go to my main blog.

Thank you, everyone for your patience with the changes (which are far from over). When construction is finished, and everything is successfully moved over, everything will make a lot more sense.