Here there be "Spoilers"

A New Beginning

Many of my followers were aware that I have been working on a re-write of Quietus. I'm making that fact more official now. Quietus was an exercise in determination, a test that proved to myself once and for all that I am capable of not only finishing something, but of doing it well. It was a promise to myself that I kept. Now, it is time to improve on my design and my previous methods. I am adding significant amounts of content and affecting a large edit to the novel that I wrote for me. It will be redesigned and fashioned for someone else: you. I am doing this for everyone who wrote me with their ideas, their kind critiques. Everyone who came to me with suggestions and questions. I heard you. This is for you, and I thank you.

Heirs of Change is the title of this project, the new 'first book of the Midian Saga'. This project is trumping all other writing projects (with the exception of my Quarterly 3-Day Novel Challenges), though I can not give a realistic expectation for completion. When it is finished, I will resume work on The Fallen Shadow, Secrets of the Blood: Book I and also The Divine Guardian Chronicles: Book I if it does not win the 3DNC

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